GZ New Media has been made possible through the support of the Swedish National Art's Council. It has two programs and two studio-apartments. One program is based on a two month residence, the other on a one month residence.

It is a project with a basic concept of art being a tool for sustainability and cultural exchange. It has the ambition to give a new meaning to what an artist residence can be.

Not only providing the residing artist with a studio to work and live in, GZ New Media intends to integrate the resident in a social context in which the artist will be active through a tailor designed program that goes beyond the individual creation.

The project will be custom made for each visiting artist in relation to the specific context which is the art scene of Guangzhou and China. International exchange and dialogue are necessary tools for the development of contemporary art all over the world.

This is the main reason why the residency is directly based on the activity of the artists in their surrounding environment, and why GZ New Media includes a number of programs directed towards the public and its defined target groups.