GZ New Media includes a designed activity program to meet the demands of the residing artists, but also of the local scene. The maybe most intresting part of this is the possibility of a 2 week exhibit at the YYCAC. However, it also includes Open Studio which presents the artist and the studio for the public, an Open Workshop which is open to the defined target groups, Open Lectures which is organised in collaboration with the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, South China Normal Universitys' Fine Art College, Sun Yat-sen University and the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre. Open Dialogues is in its turn a recurrent dialogue and discussion between the resident at GZ New Media and a local artist open for the general public and produced in collaboration with our privileged partner, the YYCAC.

This activity program is directed towards the public at large and to the defined target groups. It is thought of as being beneficiary both for the audience and the participants attending or taking part in it, and for the residing artist. Its objectives are to create new ways of understanding, of learning, of dialogue, of distinguishing similarities and differences between cultures. Its reason is to stimulate a people-to-people grassroot contact and understanding.